Druid's Wish

“I assure you I can be trusted.” ~ Quinn Donovan

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An ancient warrior. A timeless battle.

Haven Killian needs help. As the heiress of an ancient organization called the Black Rose, she is charged with keeping alive the line of succession. When she vows to protect a young boy tormented by magic, all she has to go on are rumors of an immortal with the power to save him.

As Battle King of the Undying, Quinn Donovan has the most powerful magic on the planet. Yet, he has waited an eternity to find his lifebond: the one woman destined to be his mate. The moment he meets Haven, he senses she is his. His instincts scream to protect the woman and the boy she guards, and to claim her as his own. But Haven is mortal, and for them to be united, she must become one of the Undying.


Her nose wrinkled up even as a smile played in the corner of her eyes. “You’re unusual.”

“Funny coming from someone without a name,” he said as he scanned the room for any odd trinket she may have overlooked.

“Haven,” she whispered. “The boy is Bastian.” She took the last remaining bag of their meager belongings off the bed. “How do you know you can help him?”

Donovan lifted Bastian over his shoulder and stopped by the door. He glanced out the window to assure the Hummer was still where he’d left it. He had stopped believing in coincidences long ago.

Standing here with an Undying child in his arms, and a woman with lifebond magic, was the exact reason fate had him choosing that parking space while he’d been hunting Kyros. His attention went back to Haven. “I am what he is.”

She sucked in a sharp breath and slowly nodded. “And what is that exactly?”

“Undying,” he repeated for the eighth time since the diner fifteen minutes ago.

She snorted at him. “I don’t understand what that means. Something like a meirlock?”

A pulse of treòir energy vibrated through the room. “When have you come into contact with a meirlock?