Spell Bound

“I will spend an eternity in Hell before I watch you die.” ~ Rune

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Clover has a peculiar effect on men—they turn into homicidal lunatics. She decides to swear off men and gives up her dream of the perfect boring suburban life. She hadn’t counted on finding a very large, very yummy Viking in her favorite part of the library courtyard. Clover finds she has to trust this Viking, because she’s in danger from gangsters hunting her to collect on her brother’s debts.

Rune is a thousand-year-old Viking trying to escape from a curse. He must fall in love with the woman the gods choose for him or suffer eternity in Norse Hel. Nine times he’s tried and nine times he’s failed. This is his last attempt. Resigned to his doom, he vows to save Clover from the gods’ petty games before his death. As the last round of the gods’ game begins, Rune discovers there are worse things than losing his soul.


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Spell Bound Chapter 1 HERE

“Rune.” Clover purred his name. “You’re taking me home, then?”
He turned to glare at her, and his eyes about dropped out of their sockets. His cock swelled in his pants, and he nearly came completely undone right there. He almost had to stab his hand to keep from reaching over to touch bared flesh. She only had on the wispy, skimpy red bra. “Put your shirt back on!”
Her voice went sultry as she scooted closer to him. “Why don’t you put it back on for me?”
He swallowed hard and decided it was best to … to … damn it! There had to something else he could focus on to keep from thinking about how firm and round and wonderful her breasts looked presented to him gift-wrapped in silky red lace.
Her hand slipped over his thigh.
His pants were officially too tight to hold him without causing pain.
Her fingers dipped into his pocket, and she rubbed her fingers against the length of his shaft before pulling the keys out of his pocket. She dangled them in front of his face. “I think you need to slide this hard key deep into the hole.”
Yes. He needed to slide deep into a wonderfully wet and silky… He snarled and snatched the keys out of her hand. He cranked the ignition and peeled out backward. “Woman, you have no idea what kind of fire you’re playing with.”
She made a soft moaning sound. Her hand molded over his bicep and then swept across his chest before slipping down to the waistband of his pants. “I don’t, but I’m long overdue to find out.”
His breath came out in ragged heaves. He gritted his teeth together and forced himself to remain focused on the road in front of him. It only took ten minutes to get back to the cabin, and then he’d be able to put space between them. Until then his mouth was his best weapon.
“You’ll find out.” His voice went deep. “I’ll bury myself inside you so damn deep you’ll never get me out.” Damn it! He’d meant to say something mean. Something ugly. Something that would make her cry.
Her fingers peeled back the fabric of his shirt, and her flesh scorched his. The tip of one of her torturous fingers lightly stroked along the path of hair blazing from his navel down to the rock-hard appendage throbbing to be released. He opened his mouth to try again, but it came out as a lusty groan. He wrapped one of his hands around hers intent on pushing her away. Once he had her, the other brain took over.
Apparently it was able to operate at a more cognitive level than he was at the moment. His single-minded focus became getting them back to the cabin as soon as humanly possible.
“Hurry, Rune,” she purred. “It’s getting way too hot in here.”
He whimpered when he heard the zipper of her jeans. His foot pressed harder into the gas pedal.
“I have too many clothes on.” Her voice was pouty sexy. “I’m going to take some more off.”
“Damn it, Clover!” he ground out between his teeth. “We’re almost there.” He gunned the gas the last hundred yards to the gravel drive.
Her body arched up off the seat, and then he heard the erotic sounds of denim sliding down skin.
He slammed on the brake and hand-over-handed the steering wheel to make it onto the drive. The tires tore into the gravel driveway before he managed to get the truck stopped. He slammed on the parking brake and pulled the truck out of gear before he reached over and yanked Clover into his lap.
Then his mouth was devouring hers as his hands slipped and slid over every exposed area of her body. She straddled him, alternating between letting him find every spot on her neck, making her produce sweet, erotic sounds with his tongue, and exploring the places on his body; her mouth and hands had him losing all ability to control what was going on.
“This is—” He nipped at the hollow of her throat. “—dangerous—” He dragged his mouth up the column of her throat and tangled his fingers in her hair, holding her head the way he wanted it. “—for you.” He nibbled her earlobe and then lightly ran his bottom lip along the rim of her ear.
“I know.” She got her hands under the hem of his shirt and started working it up. “I don’t care.” She jerked the shirt up over his head. “I want you, Rune.” Then she leaned down and trailed her mouth in featherlight kisses across his chest.

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