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My best writing pal received the most wonderful news of her writing career this morning!  Her novel The Dragon’s Heart was accepted by Lyrical Press.  We’ve been working long and hard towards this publishing dream together. I cannot describe the total awesomeness that we have both received our first publishing contracts with in a month of each other.  Way to go Eden Ashe!  You worked hard and you deserve this! Congratulations!

It’s that moment it dawns on you.  In a second you realize you have reached a dream, that one you worked most diligently to achieve is about to come to fruition.  All the tears, all the late nights.  Every time I cried on my husband’s shoulder sure I would never make it.  All of those things are erased as the joy takes hold.  I reached for the stars and they float in my living room.  I got to them, but the galaxy is a vast, scary space waiting… Bursts of light and color flicker in the expansive darkness. There are…

I have received the most fabulous news an aspiring author can get!  My novel Spell Bound has been accepted by Liquid Silver Books!  Thanks to my wonderfully supportive husband, my writing buddy and cohort Eden Ashe and my parents I have gotten my foot into the publishing world!  The hard work is just beginning, I know.  There is still work to be done before publication and of course more wonderful stories to create and write. I love this crazy journey of being a writer!  I have truly reached a wonderful high!