Meet Emma

Emma Weylin

Emma Weylin fell in love with the written word as a child. She loves to create her own worlds full of magic and wonder. One of her favorite things is populating those worlds with interesting and true-to-life characters who experience everything from epic love and heartrending battles to seriously silly or embarrassing “duh” moments. She believes love can and does conquer all things. When she’s not writing, she enjoys her family and has a copious yarn addiction.

That’s the official bio. Other fun facts about me:

  • I am a yarn snob. It’s not that I won’t use acrylic yarn; it’s that I adore using alpaca and silk and pure cotton. Though, nothing is better than acrylic yarn if you’re making children’s toys.
  • I like my dogs big. The bigger the better. My current dog is a 130 pound mixed up mutt we call Zeke the Hero.
  • Writing for me comes in seasons. I focus on specific types of stories during different times of the year and no matter how hard I try, I cannot write at all in December and when I do try, it’s not something I’d even read to Zeke.
  • I have over 40 Works in Progress going and could tell you what’s happening with which character in which story with about 85% accuracy.
  • My favorite color purple.
  • I enjoy almost every type of music, but my favorites are Symphonic Metal, and things with more of an epic feel to it.
  • I am dyslexic.
  • I enjoy being creative be it with yarn or words. One of my goals is to create a crochet pattern or project to go along with each of my stories. Though, I have to find a knitter to help me for the characters I have who knit.